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Before filling this form, please read the following reminders carefully :
  • Clan Blackstar is located on the Earthen Ring English European (not US) roleplay server. We are an Alliance guild. We accept all races/classes in our ranks as long as you understand and accept our background.
  • If you did not already, please read our history in Azeroth (background) and our rules.
  • Clan Blackstar is a casual roleplaying guild. While we accept novice roleplayers, we do not accept candidates who :
  • Clan Blackstar is... A guild ! Joining us involves participating in the Clan's life (in game and on the boards), helping others (and receiving help from them), proposing events, and making the necessary efforts to keep our community alive and well.
  • Clan Blackstar is more about being together than rushing to the higher level as fast as possible without spending time with others.
  • Clan Blackstar is not a strong guild in terms of Player versus Player combat, and it is not our aim to become one. Having this said, members are of course welcome to participate into PvP events as they see fit.
  • Clan Blackstar is made by its members. If you have suggestions, or are willing to take responsibilities within the Clan, you are more than welcome to do so. Remember that we promote people on what they DO, not what they plan to do.

All form fields are mandatory unless indicated otherwise.
Please provide a valid email address to receive confirmation of your application and further instructions on the recruitment process.

This address will of course never be used for anything else but Clan Blackstar matters, and will not be released to anybody (including other members of the Clan).

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Your character

Tell us more about the main character you want to join Clan Blackstar with, the one we need to contact in game :

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Use the following field to explain why you want to join Clan Blackstar.
If you wrote a background for this character, please also tell us about his/her story.
You may also use this field to make comments or ask questions :

To give more time to recent candidates and Clan Members to get to know each other, the Clan currently does not accept new applications (beginning August 4, 2007). Please check back in a few weeks to apply.

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