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Showing your affiliation to Clan Blackstar
Colors : the Clan colors are black and green. Please wear your guild tabard (when you get one), this is our most visible identity.
Battlecry : Our Clan's battlecry is «Glory to Blackstar !» or «Glory !»
Clan Blackstar is a roleplay guild. Behave accordingly.
Always be a Blackstar. This means - keep in mind that by your actions a stranger might measure the whole guild. If you bother someone with one of your Blackstar characters, people might also think ugly of another Clan member.
The guildchat (/gu) is out of character. The only guildchat specific rules is to not disclose any spoilers there, this could ruin other members experience of the game if they are told the outcome of a quest or of a storyline. The public channel (blackstar) is in character. Joining the public channel is mandatory ! To join it, use the command «/join blackstar», then use «/N» to talk in it (where N is the channel number returned by the game). For instance : «/5 Hello» if the channel is number 5.
Don't take advantage of other members. If you are a leatherworker and have the ability to make a nice item, ask for the raw materials instead of money. It could give you a crafting boost and it will show the others the value of what you are willing to make for them.

As said in the Application form: Please use proper language. Swearing or leet-speak (U, R, Y, 4, 2 and so on) are not a normal, proper use of English.

It should be understood by everyone who plays a game with others, but let us remind it here:
We do not harbor cheaters. If you exploit the game by direct use of bugs, exploits or third-party software forbidden by the game company, we will remove you, no matter what rank or standing you have in the Clan.
Grouping, loot and rare drops
It's NICE if you can group with someone else. If you ask for a group, make sure everyone is together and no one who is interested gets left behind (assuming there are enough people to make several groups if needed). On the same token, do not expect everyone to drop what they are doing to rush to you. Many of us will be happy to join with you, halting their own quests, but sometimes distances make this difficult.
Be so kind and share. We all want a mount some day, we all want to make money. And we all wish to craft. If you have a surplus or find items you can not use yourself, ask the Clan if someone would like them before you sell them. You can also send these items to the vault.
When you hunt, only roll on what the characters you are currently playing could use. Many of us have several alts and could basically use everything, however, it's not the nice thing to do if someone else is hunting for the same item and could use them at once.
Activeness. We are looking for active people. This does not mean you need to spend 8 hours a day in WoW with B*, nor does it mean you get fired from the guild if you break a leg and get stuck in hospital. However, we do not wish for people to join never to be seen again:

Every guild member of the Clan Blackstar (Candidate, Clansman and above) is requested to keep a constant flow of communication available. This means, that we expect our members to stay in touch with us through the means the Clan provides. These are:
- Posting on the Clans forums
- Chatting in Guild Chat in game;
- Using the "Personal Message" option on the forums;
- Using MSN, ICQ, Y! or TS to get in touch with members;
- Using the Clan's Contact Us form to email the officers

Any member, no matter which rank in the Clan, will be removed if they fail to stay in contact for longer than 2 months.
After 6 weeks of inactivety, the officers will try to make contact both in game and through the forums. Should this fail, the member in question will be removed from the guild's listing in game after two more weeks.

Currently the only exception from the rule is anyone who let us know they would be away. These members will be set to "Inactive" status.

Rules may change for these members at a later time, but these changes will be publicly announced as well.

If you play on several guilds / servers / games and we find you are moving further away from B* (that is we don't hear from you for weeks), we will ask you to leave the Clan. We do not see ourselves as a "second option" for anyone, if you find something that suits you more, please be fair enough to us to leave if that is your choice.
Talk to your officers ! When you have concerns, or if anything goes wrong, talk about it. Do not expect the officers to guess, and do not think it would bother them. It is their duty as officers to be available for you and listen to you.
PvP. We are on a PvE/RP server. This means that to fight against another player you need to actively do something so your PvP "flag" gets turned on. Now once you enter PvP, you go by the PvP rules. AND, more important, once you enter PvP, you will not receive any back up from anyone not willing to PvP. PvP to your hearts desire, but we will not enter debates over it. Furthermore, don't "shit talk" anyone, run them down OR provoke them needlessly once your flag is turned off again. It's poor sportsmanship and if you wanted to PvP, then you take it with all that goes with it.
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